The next Europe

My name is Imre János, I was born in 2005 in a small Hungarian town, Jászberény, only a year after Hungary joined the European Union. I have encountered the community, as a junior ambassador. This community - for me - is an opportunity for international advocacy, it is community where I am free to express my opinions and where my thoughts have weight and drives actions and results.

As a youth, I attach great importance to protect the values, what represent the cores of the foundations for European integration, such as democracy, the rule of law and mutual respect of each other's opinions. I believe, the future of European democracy is based on a greater involvement of people into decision-making, which requires the raising social knowledge to a higher level and developing the education on the way that adapts to today's challenges.

In order to build a conscious and responsible European society, I consider it essential, to create an integrated economy which based on stable cooperation of actors, on the responsibility for the well-being of society and on the accountability for the environment.